wizard series writer guarantee: loyal to the historical setting will not shrink

"wizard"series will introduce netflix series is not news.recent executive producer lauren schmidt hissrich on twitter, said the work would never shrink, will be loyal to the game story background and time setting.

clemens first is twitter users post:

"i hope they don't put the harsh environment of the middle ages in the game is set to shrink."wizard"of the world is not a fantasy everyone happy happy happy paradise.show need to restore a medieval authentic version of poland, it is very important."

and hissrich respond very short:"will not have any shrink.i assure you."this is obviously after hissrich announced she will serve as show writers, the audience began to pressure.she also issued a picture on twitter, shows how she can do some background research.

"wizard"series writing team will be led by hissrich, but release time is still not clear.

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