diffuse wei launched cartoon creation application but the rules are too disney

we like to imagine in my mind as a child superhero stories, but may not have enough painters to draw them out and share.recently, diffuse wei announced for fans marvel comics creation application within own, let everybody can"painting"belongs to own superhero stories.

but the comic creation content, limiting conditions, is likely to make you lose the desire to use.

from the video, the application contains a large number of superhero role model, the user can be adjusted according to be fond of change shape and posture, also can call a different database background and comic decorative elements, finally plus a bubble dialog.

originally, it sounds really nice.

however, according to the instructions, you create comic can not include"death","gun","implied or exposed picture","that would have horrified children(or their parents)", puns,"and the voice of the body function"(such as:fart voice),"political class content, including alternative lifestyle advocate","a controversial topic(social problems, etc.)","obscene, bad or offensive language"or"alternative"offensive language(for example, frequently used in the cartoon"x"@#%!)............

these rules is only part of the instructions on the use of the long, but also can be seen that, with such standard created content, are likely to be better than disney cartoon"disney"(by the way, in addition to disney, of course can't appear any other amusement park in the cartoon).

what's worse is that you create all the content on this application, diffuse wei can"anywhere in the world, in any language, in any way, any media form all or partial use, modify, publish,", and"without further notice or you get your approval".

(figure since the cow gallery)

according to the verge, as early as the 1950 s, in order to evade government censorship and the content of the american cartoon industry has also launched a similar rules, banned cartoons appear"terrorist(has)"and"crime(crime)"and other words, at the same time will also be werewolves, vampires, zombies and other elements as disable content, if involves a love story, also can't offend"the sanctity of marriage.

at present, the state of the platform or"coming soon", and support the fans by email to subscribe to get the latest news.but how many people are willing to in the absence of any copyright protection, to create highly"harmless"comics, true don't know.

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