currency prices fell over open % for years since the first time

according to bloomberg(beijing time) on january 2, coins years were open.entering 2018, the currency price encountered for the first time since 2015, a year down, drop in the last year on december 18, on the basis of a record$19511 continued to expand.

bloomberg, according to data compiled by the united states eastern time on monday 15:55 4:55 tuesday(beijing time), the currency trading at$13440, down 6.1% from friday's price.monitoring coins daily price, according to coins in monday's trading well below on sunday hit$14156.

at the beginning of last year, the currency of the start is very strong, then keep the momentum, and even led to a global market for encryption crazy chasing money.coinmarketcap, according to data can show the currency price in 2017 is a sign of significant growth, his first day in last year's prices increased by 3.6% to$ the end of 2017, the currency prices have risen more than 1300%.

figure 2:the currency prices fell by 6.1% in open for the first time since 2015

the currency prices also led to the growth of the emergence of more and more competitors.last month, the wall street launched a currency futures contract.the cme group(cme) in the united states launched its derivatives contracts, after the currency prices hit a peak on december 18.some traders think the currency futures launch will encourage investors to implement shorting.

close to a period of time, the currency of bad news.morgan stanley analyst james fawcett(james faucette) said in a report, the real value of the currency may be addition, the south korean encryption youbit currency exchange in 2017 after it was damaged during the second announced after hacking, exchanges will be closed, and filed for bankruptcy.

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