graduated from micro letter applet is time to go to war and apple appstore

the first anniversary of gray level in the small program launch, we ushered in the wechat little game-this is by far one of the biggest small program to upgrade.

small game brought wechat applet 3 d rendering, local storage, subcontract to load new capabilities, such as marked as html 5 varieties of small programs can finally with native applications rival, and alternative app store wechat ambitions, and finally is going to get it.

"small programs don't play games"year

on december 28, 2016, a year ago xiao-long zhang published in small programs of the wechat public class pro"speech on the spot, said does not recommend or limitation of small games, news and video program.

who talk big, nobody really think small program is the service offline scenarios, use up or out, no one do not the game seriously.

implementation game features, is keen to air to the mouth of one of the largest expect developers and speculators to small programs.

this instant on, no need to download, also don't need to uninstall the application form, facing a gerrymandered registration processes of app store users, is undoubtedly opened the door of the new world.

after all, there are many mobile phone users do not know how to set the apple id that is set at random by the store when upgrade, then couldn't update the application.

let everybody thought is that we have to wait for a whole year to break the"curse"don't play games.

this year, wechat small program in addition to the worship of the most active bicycle, not a few offline scene of small procedures, can be smaller than the spread of the pure online

"anonymous","practical psychological test of"hot style small programs have been titles, and break through the ios appreciation function limit"to praise"panic survived.

as far as the mouthpiece of the game, are not allowed to do at the beginning of the program was born as a child was also sought to small program"king glory event","king glory group rank","hearth album"in january 2017 stores in succession.

them by providing quizzes, on the generator, the related information and live video and so on, the user is not playing a game of gap, also continues to spread in the game of ip and brand.

release of the small program is really too low, no code, no searching, no entrance, down the industry down restless desire.

but in fact, wechat team is"not for also, do not also", to a large extent, simmer over a small fire ability to open gradually, tencent has shunned and possible a big battle between apple's app store, is only at the expense of closed ios wechat appreciate channel.

nowadays, the emergence of small game, means the official letter finally"gloves came off,"admitted online, is not a"used up"the status of the small program, don't have to hide it as app store competing goods.

small program to open a batch of one of the most important ability

as micro credit a civil aircraft wars unlock the doors of the micro letter game, small game is also with an example of the"jump jump"church of users.

"plane"may not catch up with the micro letter a wave sweep out", search, take a look at the"product sequence, or may also be called"a dozen".

the middle of the night, late 28 additional points box can be brought about four, and even jump points such as strategy and techniques have been widely circulated, 200-200 or higher scores screenshots began to spread.

but there is no record of can transcend xiao-long zhang himself-the start of 2000 points, then screenshots that play to 4999 points.a python to write plugins are released a screenshot of brush to 3500 points.

this intrigued wechat users crazy little game, is merely an appetizer.

tencent studios synchronous launch joy tanks wars"elantra notes"and so on a total of 16 small game, sum up and running effect is only one word-small games have these there is no difference between the native app version of the game.

but more importantly, like all small programs, games, and automatically log in and access to information wechat personal friends and relations, eliminating the download and registration link.

so game top-up, lottery, property transactions, such as peripheral products purchase ability, can be very logical.

with the little game at the same time, there is change of interface display.small program interface at the top from a single"close"button to become more prominent, and set up a drop it on the desktop(only android) and share the shortcut.

this is different from the ios, android or windows interface design specification button style, let commonly known as the"wechat, is an operating system,"the feeling is more obvious.

in the chat is also easier to bring up a small program, method is in the dialogue list page down.this position is a gold wechat recommended.wechat to promote new function is very conservative, syllabus, so to speak.

this position has been used to promote small video, when the user after completion of the enlightenment, the entrance to a merger with"photos"button in the chat interface, and recommend a drop-down is to empty out the small program.

"h5"jedi counterattack

small game, means itself belongs to html 5 varieties of small programs, now really have relied and native app.small programs now support webgl-based 3 d rendering, local storage, subcontract load, hot update games such as necessary skills.

the development so far, little program periodically put an end to the web app and native app.following the introduction of a fully functional web browser since the iphone, the debate so far.

the concept of web application is in order to solve the native application need to download, need to review, the problem such as real-time updates.

but his teammates without a powerful, from uc to baidu pushed on various application"light", firefox and chromium also wants to establish a only web applications of the operating system.they don't have a reverse the user's habits, until the micro letter the emergence of small programs.

at present, besides unity project can be compiled for webgl, even because of the introduction of the webrtc, can also be realized in modern mobile browser webar, does not rely on native experience augmented reality application.

because not many people actually use, the potential of the web app has not been fully excavated.and before there were small program strategy wechat bear a standardized"h5"the role of the browser.

just wechat shows to improve it is also a lack of interest, its built-in browser kernel for successive years is not updated, some developers called"6"on the phone.

and synchronization in the promotion of small programs, not small program road in the future, continue to use, service, subscription on jump h5 page mode in micro letter shows rich media content, it will have more and more restrictions.

this is to let a person helpless, for this price, however, small programs to fight the native applications supported by sufficient, developers"loss, win on", a counter(apple) app store another road.

apparently, tencent will inevitably share monopoly by apple, and by a handful of domestic monopoly android app store, the more power for developers.this kind of power, also can saying is the user"vote with their feet".

can say at least in the domestic, the problem is far better than the so-called"network neutrality"is much more important.a few days ago the fcc with net neutrality, domestic also follow the popular science.

, but even if you are in a neutral network, what does not use dabao card, you will encounter some only micro small application exclusive application letter, although this application only"jump jump", but will only more and more in the future.

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