is expected to begin filming desperately animation: hollywood is looking for cooperation

is to survive the jedi's annual 2017, the year it appears in front of players, and rapidly growing into a phenomenal game works, although most of the time before it at the early development stage, but still was welcomed by the in the future, to survive the jedi would bring us what surprise again?

recently, the chief executive of pubg chang han kim foreign media interview, said they were seeking cartoons and movies for its products in the field of development, will increase the range of ip to a new level.

"i hope i can be based on the game product pubg entertainment industry company, involved in the from all walks of life, including electronic sports, movies, dramas, cartoons, animation and so fact, before we received several calls from hollywood and netflix, hope to seek cooperation.the idea is to through these ways to create a new game of cultural industry, and led to its development."chang han kim said.

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