alipay online public account query good record at any time

pay treasure today officially announced online public account, each ordinary users of public welfare footprint and love"asset"all can record and query.

alipay app home page click on"my", into the"public interest".it is understood that the account will be done for each ecological system in alibaba to charitable user the future, users need not across applications, can review your prosocial behavior in payment, shopping, and even entertainment life.

at present, in the public account, users can view himself through the"forest"ant contribution of carbon emissions, through direct donations and move merchant accumulated donation amount, users on alibaba"public welfare platform"three hours of volunteer service behavior is also recorded.

according to data, pay treasure to user has public platform through the ant gold suit online donation 360 million, the total volume has exceeded 1 billion just the past 2017 years, nearly 50 million people doing public, walk through the steps to donate 4 trillion, equivalent to 3256 times round the the same time, through the bus travel, online payment and other low carbon behavior in real life, 280 million ants forest user a total of 2.05 million tons, 13.14 million tree planting is cumulative, guard protected area of 12111 mu.

"for the younger generation, the public has become a daily expression of personal value and social value.and these well-meaning expression needs to be recorded and encouragement."ants, head of the public platform gold suit jessie&gin; said so.

"on the other hand, the changes of the social atmosphere and social demand, and promote the development of the business."jessie&gin; said, such as pay treasure, is not more than 10 years ago we already know that payment tool, it records the credit value and love of people, as well as the contribution to the environment.precipitation in a sense, it is a man of multiple value, refraction and social relations change way of life."the public interest and the common progress of the business always."

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