anchor with your fingertips gyro play watch pioneer: walk a slew of entity

after playing with bananas"watchman pioneer"anchor rudeism abroad recently and will play the game out of the new pattern, with a few small finger gyro operation of genji, showing the various operations of the game, including walking, rotation angle, and successfully completed the kill.

with your fingertips gyro play"watchman pioneer"video:(it's home to move the client if users can't watch the video, please click here to view)

he explains the working principle of the device, in fact, each finger gyro is located on a encoder, converts their movement through encoder signal, and connected to the circuit boards, and feedback to the game.

rudeism have long been keen to use strange to play games, early on, rudeism also use pads play world of warcraft and the dark spirit of 3", is really creative.

video picture:

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