in global box-office out war wolf of record chinese movie ranking

in the past 2017 years, how much do you go to the cinema seen a movie?

according to comscore statistics, in 2017 the global movie box office of$39.92 billion, a record high, compared with 3% growth last year.

2017 global movie box office record of the weight, could be released a month ago, star wars:the last of the jedi.

the 17 days of the movie, a healthy global topped the weekend box office for three 2017 the last weekend also made$120 million in global box-office receipts, accumulative total box office to break through the$1 billion mark, with 1.04 billion annual global box office with$1.04 billion in the third.

the previous total global level of movie box office record$2015 in 38.9 billion, if there is no"star wars:the last of the jedi", in 2017 at the box office cannot break a record, star wars ip appeal.

however,"the star wars:the last of the jedi"such a big sell works also can't cover up the north american market this year, although the global box office hit a record high, but the world's largest film market has declined in north america.

comscore, according to data from the north american market in 2017 to$11.12 billion, though this is the third time in the history of north american box office hit$11 billion, compared with$2016 in 11.4 billion, but still down 2.3%, even slightly less than 2015 at the box office data.

(figure since:sickinsight-online)

last year's summer is already a north american film market, one of the worst summer 2017 north beautiful filmmaker could also be its lowest level in 27 years record, but it will have to wait until the official data released the final of the national association of theater owners to confirm.

the corresponding, the chinese film market in 2017, a lot of contribution to the growth of global movie box office.according to china's general administration of press and publication, radio and television bureau, in 2017 the national movie box office total is 55.911 billion yuan, overall sales increased by 13.45% compared to last year.

with the 2017 global box-office data the dust settles, 2017 global movie box office has been released.disney beauty and the beast to become an annual$1.263 billion at the box office champion, was followed by the"fast and furious 8"and is still in its"star wars:the last of the jedi".

("beauty and the beast"stills, figure since:beautiful emma watson)

20 before the global movie box office in 2017, has six is a disney film, in addition to"beauty and the beast"and"star wars:the last of the jedi", and"galaxy convoy 2","thor 3:the gods at dusk","five pirates of the caribbean:dead men tell no tales"and"dreams".

(the clowns come back still, figure since:wjla)

in the top 20, the highest rate of return is the clown to the soul, the film to the cost of$34 million, made almost$700 million in global box-office, annual dark horse.

(photo since:variety)

just disney bought by 20th century fox also has 3 movie into the top 20, respectively is"wolverine 3:bloody battle","dear boss"and"the rise of scarlet ball 3:the ultimate wars, visible 2018 disney film market in the global dominance of will be more stable.

it is important to note that in the global movie box office in 2017,"2"the war wolf occupy ranking sixth with$870 million, ranked high in the chinese movie, is also the only film in the top 20 is not produced by hollywood movies, and"war wolf 2"the vast majority of sales are made contribution to the chinese audience.

here are the 2017 global box-office top 20 full list, a list of several listed on your favorite movie?

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