black workshop goodbye!administration of food safety rules for take-out platform darling obedient

fellow commuters, isn't it just finished eat first delivery of the new year, have found that starting this year some take-out platform become not the same?

since january 1, 2018, the food and drug supervision administration through the network of catering services food safety supervision and management measures for the formal implementation, for the survival of a growing number of commuters network delivery, set a lot of new rules.the november delivery of policy, to the daily delivery problem such as quality, food safety, the complaint channels, to make a lot of improvement.

2016 in 315 to the party, once exposed a hungry? the black workshop on the platform under the new rules, will be thoroughly investigated."method"stipulated delivery platform, must to qualification of all the stores on platform, all stores must be offline store of food business licenses.product, and delivery must be consistent with the scope of the license.all black workshop, the generation of processing can't move into delivery platform, the platform itself have the obligation to last audit, ensure the real information.

in addition to merchants, take-away little elder brother and elder brother's room process, is also a high-risk area of the problem.generally, receive meals you all take the way of comfort themselves, what wrong boxes, room takeout box, so as not to add trouble to his appetite.according to the methods of the new rules, the platform need to guarantee delivery of little elder brother room containers, packaging, health and the same time, heat preservation, cold chain transport process to special product, also made the corresponding provisions.

in the end, to the problem of delivery platform complaints platform needs to be saved at least within 6 months of data, and public complaints channels, deal with the complaints in a timely manner.

before the enforcement of"method"on december 27, meituan reviews, hungry yao, baidu, the golden arches, yum take-out platform by the national food administration of drug safety interview, regarding the new communication in advance.participated in the study of each platform, has said the positive determination to fulfil his obligations.

take-away, has gradually become a staple of life in the city, the chinese takeout can eat two hundred billion yuan a year, let the platform from the spurt of growth, the stability of the today's biggest not only change the catering businesses, changed people's eating habits, even, also hit the existence of instant noodles.with the development of the food itself, it also from the original simple convenient, have a more and more problems.

the qualifications of take-out itself, food safety problems, in this"method", obtained the certain guarantee, however, the safety of the take-away member, take-away of traffic pressure, take-away harm to the environment, although it is we can't direct perception of these buyers, but will eventually create extra burden to the society as a whole.

as shared economic, the intervention of the internet, will completely change the traditional industry, let users enjoy a series of convenient, but at the same time, in a short period of time huge increment, also brought many problems to the society as a whole.most of the time, businesses, society's ability to cope with these changes are not enough.

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