in addition to performance shrink what else?inventory of apple's ios upgrade hole

new ios system may have problems, but not to upgrade has been using the old system, do not suffer.then, apple here is dug a pit to the user-largest ios will force you to upgrade to the new constantly, at the same time also severed posterior system degradation.

in upgrade, once the new system, apple will continue to greet you if you need to upgrade to the new system, even download system installation file to the phone, if you don't upgrade, it is in vain to occupy space.and in order to force users to upgrade, the ios and out of the new recruit, multiple upgrades its popup window closed, pop-up unexpectedly will have to upgrade the countdown, not cancel within a few seconds will enter the upgrade order to feed the childe eating bread, apple is really took great pains.

bring this upgrade is a lot of ios users the most hatred thing

and the problem that the ios not freely demotion, has also been criticized for many in the new ios push after a period of time, will shut down the old system of relegation, unable to downgrade through normal channels.what problems when the new system, users can't back to the normal use of the old version, so much so that some people say that ios difficult degradation and android difficult upgrade of egg pain degree.

how to block out the ios upgrade?

since ios upgrade will bring some problems, people will find ways to shield the ios to shield the ios upgrade?the usual way is to download a system description file, after installation can camouflage system software version, so can block update notification.if want to upgrade a new version of the ios, the description file to delete.

many apple assistant software with a description file shield upgrade function, of course, the user can also on the internet to search description file

in fact, now many apple pc assistant of shielding the ios upgrade principle is also described by sending files to a phone and installation, process is the same, not detailed one by one here.


although ios mobile operating system is a very good, many times leading the touchscreen devices, but it is not perfect, at least a new version of the ios is usually a forbidding place.hope apple in the development of new technology at the same time, also don't forget the old users, long-lasting good experience to continuously bring good word of mouth.

recently, ios upgrade will limit old equipment performance, after all.after reports showed that the ios upgrade will limit the performance of battery aging equipment, it got the apple official many ios users quickly fried:say why ios the upgrade the card, have such a big pit!so in addition to limiting performance, ios upgrade what could possibly be the pit dad?is simple to take stock today!

bring a lot of people do not want to upgrade to the new ios system, it is because there are a lot of pit

the upgrade equipment the card

although articles are mentioned in the beginning, but first of all, still have to tell me about the first recent events has been hotly debated.ios upgrade equipment more and more cards this hole should be ios users can feel generally, whenever the ios usher in the new version, there are countless voice in telling the new system to bring the card.the media found that every iphone handset launches is ios push new system, google to search slower on the iphone will be greatly increased.ios update will make the equipment more and more cards, seems to have become the consensus of users.

every time bring new iphone/ios release,"missile iphone"becomes a hot google search word, it is no accident

bring after upgrade ios11.2.0 iphone7 appeared repeatedly run downward points

after the ios upgrade will restrict the performance of the old equipment, is a big reason for the upgrade the card, in addition to this new ios add special effects and functions, often some loss of performance.under a variety of factors, the ios"silky"a big selling point, the"optimize the iphone too smooth bug"after drifting away, have to say is a hole.

after the upgrade battery urine collapse

now that apple will limit the cpu performance in the new ios, so does that mean the new system will be more save electricity?is not the case.many users have found that, after the upgrade to the new ios, life significantly shrink, even to charge twice a day to normal use.and according to the survey of the enterprise data management company wandera, ios upgrade battery after urine collapse phenomenon, has been further confirmed.

bring according to the survey, after the upgrade ios11 life significantly worse

wandera surveyed 50000 ios devices, found that the same equipment upgrades ios11, battery life significantly reduced.wandera picked out the severe ios using equipment and the average use equipment, record electricity power consumption from 100% to 0% of the decay time, use cycle time is three days, the results show that ios11 equipment the decay time of only 96 minutes, while in ios10 achieves the 240 minutes, the former is only 40% of the latter.

therefore, after the new ios upgrade life collapse is not the user illusion, and the practical the android life today, more and more long, but the new version of the ios system leads to life, it greatly affect the user experience.

new system castration functions

said performance of pits, in the way of function.every time a new version of the ios, apple will always focus on its new functions.such as siri, 3 d touch and so on.however, these seemingly cool new features, upgrade the ios can really enjoy?not necessarily.a lot of new features for the new equipment, the old equipment with new ios, function usually castrated badly.

if a function of the new ios need to rely on a specific hardware, such as portrait mode need dual cameras, touch id fingerprint module, then steer off these functions on the old equipment is understandable.however, quite a few new features of ios only actually and related software, or using the software can solve, but such new features also didn't give the old equipment standard, this is the pit.for example, the iphone 4 can't use siri, but players after cracking are migrated actually can still run well.again, for example, a 3 d touch exhaled shortcut menu only when the iphone 6 s equipment can use, but in fact the shortcut menu does not necessarily need to pressure, for all the devices such as android 6.0 provides a long according to exhale shortcut menu.

bring android also realize the function of shortcut menu with the method of the software, why ios must be in the old equipment castration off?

if just steer off new features, that's fine, after all, the new confidential by new functions as a selling point;but even the old function are yan, it's a little bit too much.after the upgrade ios11, iphone, iphone 6 s 7 users found in 3 d touch from the edge of the screen to draw the function of multitasking, unexpectedly disappeared, turned into the iphone's exclusive x.this triggered widespread protests users, though apple in the back and add the function of the back, but it still make many users geying once in my heart.

new bugs emerge in endlessly

this actually is not unique to the ios pit, many system after the upgrade will bring new bugs, but ios11 performance in this aspect of the true is too ugly, so it can be singled out the way.many users find, after the equipment upgrade ios11, appear a lot of problems, such as infinite to revive, cameras can't correct focus, input method suggested mistakes, can't call 4~ 6 digits cornet, etc.

bring ios11 appear even infinite restart such serious bugs, so how reassuring upgrade?

for these problems, an apple or more seriously, ios11 also became the fastest update ios in history.however, these problems have been greatly affect the user experience, also let more users think upgrade ios new system whether it is worth.if it were not for the bug in digging holes, believes that many people won't be so hesitate to ios upgrade.

the app crash incompatible

for a long time, apple seems to be less emphasis on the old version software application compatibility work, whether it is macos, the new version of the ios, the old app due to incompatible collapse, frequently.

bring new ios compatible to the old app is relatively poor, apple said abandon you abandon you

, for example, in the new ios11, 32 old version of the app is completely abandoned, if you click on a 32-bit app in the new system, it simply can't start, can play a window allows you to upgrade to the latest version of the app to the app store.some app, however, the old version is better than a new version to use, and some classic old app has long been out of print, even though they are still loved by users, users still have to say goodbye to the new ios.

system must rise not fall

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