the iphone battery door to continue fermentation inventory apple over the years through the door of the event

the apple this year is double whammy, ios release 11 nicknamed the"ibug"by many people, after the iphone 8 sales amounted to less than expected, there are two days before the foreign friends pulled out an apple to the old iphone frequency reduction, let apple again at the forefront.before this, apple has had a lot of"door"events, so today to count the apples into what scandal.

the iphone battery door

recently about the iphone you talk about the most is the battery door event.many people long ago, said that after every time apple released new mobile phone, you will find his old cell phones became much first everybody think this is fun, but a foreign net friend recently discovered the problem.

a foreign netizens found that older iphone to replace the new battery, performance will have a large range of ascension.then a lot of people found that last year after seven updated ios version 11.2 release of the iphone, also can appear the problem of performance degradation.then apple official said, in order to cope with the effects of the cell phone battery loss for life and so on, apple will old mobile phone in the reduced frequency.

the next iphone users can quit, in the united states has more than 3 up to apple's lawsuit because the user's mobile phone without authorization frequency reduction, let them experience fell.someone to apple action, can give customers free replacement battery, but it don't want to know that is's next will be how to deal with this problem, will be very difficult.

the iphone 4 antenna door

the iphone 4 is really let the world know a mobile phone iphone, domestic for the iphone is the deepest impression is starting with the iphone 4.2010 jobs introduced the iphone 4, cabinet and delicate appearance, excellent performance, as well as the most outstanding ios 4 system is lets everybody for the iphone 4 fondle admiringly.the modelling of the iphone 4 even to now also don't fall behind(screen is just a little poor).

however, although the iphone 4 is an excellent product, also inevitable has the shortcomings and the insufficiency, one of the biggest thing is the iphone 4 antenna door event.iphone 4 just released soon some netizens showed the iphone 4 has a fatal flaw in the antenna design, with the hand hold mobile phone, cell phone signal will become much attenuation.eventually apple to respond to this matter, admitted that the iphone 4 than previous problems of dropped calls, and giving the phone sets as compensation to the customer.

the iphone 6 bend door

the iphone 6 is apple mobile phone in 2014, in the design can say there has been a disruptive change with the former generation, this design has also been used on the iphone 8 this performance adopted 64 apple a8 chip, even on now performance is very good.this is a very"longevity"of the mobile phone, published three years still have 32 gb"new"at the official channels.

but after release, the iphone is 6 to the bending of door.many people find the iphone 6 and iphone plus when wearing jeans is easy to bend, it has even been experimented unarmed to mobile phone turned gay.remember, and there was news bear children to play in the apple store to break off the phone.later have great god designed a imaginative abroad to bend the iphone 6 repair level of equipment.on the launch of the iphone after 6 s, apple's 7000 system by the higher strength aluminum alloy to improve this problem.

the iphone 6 s gate oxide

the iphone 6 s adopted the same design with the iphone 6, don't look at fundamental points not clear is what.but the iphone 6 s promotion in the performance significantly, especially to join the function of 3 d touch let mobile interaction has a new play.

we spoke in front, in order to improve the iphone will bend problem, apple chose higher hardness of 7000 aluminum replaced the previous 6000.but it also brings a new problem, 7000 aluminum alloy with poor antioxidant capacity, if the environment is wet, very prone to oxidation.many people in the social media also poking fun at his mobile phone"with sayaka"is not solve this problem or in use process carefully, or to change shell after oxidation.

iphone x green line door

8 plus 8 this year apple launched the iphone, the iphone and iphone x 3 mobile phone product, including the iphone x is the most compelling and bangs the full screen of type of design, and facial recognition are iphone x window.but such a good product on sale just when it was found that there are many defects.

the problem is to expose the most iphone x green line, a lot of iphone x users find that bought a mobile phone's screen will appear soon the green line, whether to restart or reset the phone there is no way to solve.these users are normal use, and in each version of the mobile phone world almost have for the phones to replace the screen, and in later batches haven't heard that have a similar problem, should be the first iphone x screen there is a problem.

although in the field of mobile phones, the existence of the iphone in recent years has been the strongest, the direction of the study have been various mobile phone manufacturers, but almost every product problems in different aspects.each generation of the iphone are almost always call the best components, and the best mobile phone technology, hope to can see a more perfect iphone, don't let the noise of the image of the apple on the tall lonely.

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