foreign media to summarize smartphone in: average up % shorten life

an average of 2016 mah battery capacity from 2016 to 2336 mah, the odd thing was, on average battery life is reduced to 54.3 hours from 60.5 hours in 2016, the good news is that already has 16% of the 2017 mobile phone supports wireless charging, 58% of mobile phone support quick charge.

33% cpu performance improvement, gpu performance improved by 35%.

in 2017, double taken phones accounted for 34%, support the ois phones accounted for up to 32%, support 4 k camera phones up to 40%.

the last price, average price 2017 smartphones from 314 euros(about 2451.8 yuan) to 408 euros($3185.7 yuan), increase of up to 30%.

unconsciously in 2017 has been in the past, today is the first day of 2018, summary review for the past year is not over yet.recently, foreign media gsmarena is summed up in 2017, the development trend of intelligent mobile phone products, from the aspects of size, display, weight, battery life, and were compared with the past year, from which we can see what popular smartphone market over the past year.gsmarena chose their experience of 50 mainstream models, of course, they could not all phones are included in the summary of sample range, but this 50 mainstream models of reference is very big still.

bring pictures from pexels

first, smartphone thinner, in 2017, mobile phone compared in 2016 reduced the average thickness of 0.22 mm, 7.73 the same time and even 19.5:9 full screen pop for mobile average height has increased 3.65 mm, width is increased by 0.88 mm.

display, smartphone screen size on average in 2017, up from 5.28 in 2016 to 5.5 inches, increased to 394.90 ppi pixel density.

although handset average thickness thinning, but not so to reduce weight, on the contrary, in 2017, the average weight of the smartphone reached 161 g, the 12 g than in 2016.

the fuselage on the material, metal and ceramic body cell phones accounted for 92%, plastic fuselage accounted for only 8%, this should is also a mobile phone, on average, one of the reasons for the increase in weight.also has 18% of the level of ip68 waterproof phone support.

in 2017, the popularity of the full screen to rear fingerprinting scheme to enlarging the proportion of pre-2017 accounted for only 42% of fingerprint identification, the remaining 58% of the whole rear for fingerprint 2016, the rear of fingerprint identification accounted for 42%.

at the same time, 16% of the 3.5 mm headphone jack mobile cut off.

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