update: railway ios version v new railway business

12306 ios version today welcomed v3.02 version update, the main change is both increase the railway business, in addition also improve the user experience.

railway both business is said before iron headquarter and passenger services, often natural persons over the age of 12, 12306 website(including cell phone app), station special window and railway departments to provide the channel, after the active application and complete the identity authentication, can be a"rail pass"frequent flyer membership.

as a user, frequent flyer membership by purchasing a ticket to participate in the integral accumulation, more than 10000 points can exchange train tickets, bus integral=par x5, integral to"points"for the unit, the nearest integer.points on the user's actual to enter my account within 5 days after, can't transfer, effective in a year.

railway 12306 ios v3.02 version download address:itunes store

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