the next generation iphone baseband from mediatek?apple's move is fantastic

so our final conclusion is that apple and mediatek cooperation is not to use the other side of the baseband, but because after get rid of qualcomm, apple wants to be able to produce the baseband, but don't want to intel tied to the tree, but also on their own can't cross qualcomm patent barriers.on the market the samsung, huawei is powerless, mediatek and qualcomm"special deal"to apple's last hope.write here, can only sigh with emotion a market like battlefield, but it also brought good news, apple itself, mediatek agent whole netcom chip is not far from us!

news yesterday, mediatek will become the next iphone baseband chip providers, to replace qualcomm.this can make a lot of fruit are hard to accept, after all, mediatek's positioning has always been to mid-range, apple is necessary in order to get rid of qualcomm and lower the price?very optimistic, but there are a lot of netizens said mediatek, intel may think the future will go beyond qualcomm, also some people think that apple just released the cover of mediatek baseband, independent research and development at that time let a person can't see the real intention of apple.

small make up today and you chat, apple gourd sell what medicine.

mediatek baseband, apple does not use the

in fact, as early as this year iphone 8 after the release, has the related news, but when people move out of the"three principles of the apple supplier selection(the integrity of the competitiveness of the leading technology, product blueprint, the reliability of the logistics support)"to dismissed the speculation, because on the competitiveness of the leading technology of this mediatek's baseband cannot meet the requirements of the apple.

let's take a look at mediatek's flagship processor helio x30 network performance, in qualcomm xiao unicorn dragon in 835 and 970 respectively support the cat-16 and cat-18 cases, x30 support only download and cat cat-10-13 to highest speed is 450 megabits per second, only the cat-16 less than half that in the case of gigabit terminal and go now, is really take out, not to mention the four carrier aggregation, 4 * 4 mimo functions such as missing.

more too, this is already a mediatek can come up with the best possible baseband, other baseband processor even worse, the cat-6 and 7 this cat in ancient configuration is still in use, as to the speed of these standards, you can contrast chart and is interesting to note that china mobile has stipulated the net in 2016 mobile phones must be at least support the cat-7, ask at the basic level of mediatek falls not embarrassed?this year is more terrible mediatek posted baseband planning in the future, considering the marking time, a few years ago small make up thought can never catch up with the qualcomm mediatek five years.

here we have to talk about intel, intel's actually iphone x now carry xmm 7480 baseband also not bad, not only the whole netcom, and only support download and cat cat-9-13 upload, even mediatek x30 are can be released in a row this year 8060, 7560 and xmm xmm xmm 7660 three new baseband, 7660 is the world's first support the 19 baseband, 7560 also supports the cat-16, barely catch up with the qualcomm, both baseband will be listed in for xmm 8060, this whole netcom 5 g chip can make the apple in the age of 5 g qualcomm completely caught up with him.

since apple does want to grind baseband chips

since intel's whole netcom chips are hard to come out in 2018, mediatek baseband embarrassment, apple should do?at this time there's a saying in reference, by some estimates apple and mediatek cooperation is not in order to use the mediatek baseband, but to make use of mediatek with cdma patent authorization, equivalent to let mediatek agent apple since the research of the baseband, in order to avoid qualcomm patent.

apple since the research of the baseband message first came earlier this year, when vice president of qualcomm is responsible for the technical esin terzioglu moved to apple, is responsible for the development of mobile communication system chip, then everyone just seconds to understand:apple in the baseband processor, so didn't dare and qualcomm war this year!considering that apple has the research before the cpu and gpu, whether apple can successfully develop before new iphone release from baseband, at least can be sure they are going to so.

mediatek is how to get rid of a qualcomm patent network

in 2009, while mediatek chip shipments once more than qualcomm, qualcomm still open to each other for 3 g licensing, mediatek can free use qualcomm patent of 3 g, and behind the agreement but there is a small request:mediatek qualcomm free authorized, but buy mobile phone maker mediatek chips has still need access to qualcomm's authorization, but also to pay qualcomm.that is to say, mediatek became help qualcomm counting money, but even so the mediatek still didn't get the authorization of cdma technology, so cannot produce the netcom baseband.

and then, in 2013, via its threat dentsu"provides a cdma patent authorization, mediatek makes mediatek unveiled the first full netcom-mt6753 chip.because via the 2003 acquisition of the lsi logic of cdma, and lsi logic in 1997 to obtain the authorization of qualcomm, so via qualcomm cdma barriers on became only the small is worth mentioning that intel's future will be full netcom chip is also exploiting the loopholes, they bought for$one hundred million in 2015, via electronic parts, this part of the cdma authorized.

it is good to understand now, in fact, qualcomm patent barriers is divided into two pieces:one is to use cdma patent thetime, allow yourself to be on the market only free to all production netcom baseband;second, the other 3 g, 4 g patent, as long as you want to get to the internet, then pay the royalty!

here we can also give two examples to verify the above conclusions, although huawei obtained production through and qualcomm patent cross-licensing netcom baseband all right, but because huawei with qualcomm patent of 3 g, 4 g, so still need to pay royalties, a few days before this part there is news that huawei will refuse to pay royalties.and one more thing to know more people, qualcomm will meizu to court in 2016, claims 520 million yuan, while the meizu basically use is mediatek, samsung processor, only a spirit's blue note telecom version use the xiao dragon 615, but was asked by the sales to qualcomm patent, because qualcomm before and mediatek that"small requirements(buy mediatek chip manufacturers have to pay for qualcomm)".

qualcomm patent net only holes was caught by the apple

so why apple doesn't find huawei, intel and samsung, but looking for mediatek cdma authorization?first of all, apple after abandoning qualcomm, certainly will not only leave a intel supplier, so not looking for intel.second, if is huawei, samsung agent apple since the processor and then"sold"to apple, needs through qualcomm licensing, because huawei and samsung should also with qualcomm and after mediatek similar"small request(in addition to paying, qualcomm agree)", through the two qualcomm will not agree, and mediatek does not need now!

before mediatek and qualcomm in 2009, the"small requirements"of the agreement in 2013, there was a change, qualcomm and mediatek for 4 g technology to modify the agreement, although sell mediatek chips handset vendors still have to pay the high pass, but from then on mediatek can not agree through qualcomm free sales chips!so apple to mediatek, qualcomm actually can't do anything, can only collect royalties, and now, trying to avoid his former apple is the court should pay qualcomm patent?

and in the end we have to talk about the intel only don't pay any royalties manufacturers need to qualcomm, intel spent$1.4 billion for 2010 infineon wireless business, which contains a large number of patents, 3 g, 4 g plus later acquired via cdma technology, intel got rid of the bondage of is worth mentioning that before qualcomm, infineon is apple iphone and the baseband supplier.

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