south korean consumer dissatisfaction apple battery replacement program than ginseng

after the opinion on the forefront to apple, then to alleviate the consumer complaints, launched a compensation scheme, will battery replacement cost, from the original$79 down to$29.

apple south korean companies are also the first time, according to the announcement after using the iphone 6 models of south korean consumers when replace the battery, will be the cost from 100000 won to 34000 won($29), but the aggravate the dissatisfaction of consumers.

according to participate in the application of legal entity huanyu, after application of class action applicants only more than 30000 people, south korea, but after apple announced compensation scheme, class action lawsuit personnel increased by 150000 in one day, the total number of 180000 people, the reason of many consumer dissatisfaction with apples, because the compensation scheme for apple, said south korean consumers, because apple acknowledged that the new ios upgrade will cause the old phone run slower, should provide free replacement battery.recommended reading


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