apple iphone frequency reduction's trouble: the french users against the south korean government

comprehensive according to foreign media reports, earlier this month, apple acknowledged that slow down the speed of the old iphone, in order to prevent the old batteries lead to cell phone suddenly shut not only caused quite a stir in the united states, however, and even cause the international crisis", apple now face charges in several countries.

france:maximum fine of 5% sales

reuters reported that apple could face legal action in france.french company called"stop planned obsolescence"the organization legal action for apple in paris this was also the epson to court for similar reasons.according to the french law,"planned obsolescence"is not allowed, was found to be similar behavior of the company will be fined a maximum fine of equal to 5% of the annual sales.

:israel violate basic responsibility of the user

earlier this week, israel has also filed a lawsuit against was accused of violating the responsibility to the user, because it didn't disclose"innocent"software update will slow down the performance of the old iphone, apple is a claim for$125 million.israel's action shows that users rely solely on apple using the operating system and judgment of the mobile phone to them.and the local consumers concluded that when the old phone slow, they have to buy a new, more expensive iphone.

consumers of israel accused apple violated its basic responsibility of the user, not disclose software update will use have a negative impact on their mobile phones.lawsuit, according to the software update has weakened the consumers to browse the web, checking email, and the ability to use a variety of applications.before download the operating system updates, consumers should be aware of the potential addition, the lawsuit also accused apple"there was an obvious intention to withhold information users, because it more hope their new iphone to replace old iphone as soon as possible.":

south korea is seeking an answer to"slow"

south korea communications commission(kcc) has required apple to explain the behavior of old iphone to slow down.although this is not a formal investigation, but it could herald a launched an investigation into the agency soon.according to industry sources, the south korean broadcasting and telecommunications regulator has formally to apple's question, to clarify whether intentionally by slowing down the speed of equipment to cheat consumers.south korea communications commission, said:"we hope that we can whether apple intends to limit the performance of the old iphone and tried to hide the problem from the customer to get some answers."

united states:face 8 cases

the apple also faces a lawsuit in the united states, two of the lawsuits is apple acknowledged that"slow"after a few days by the chicago atlas of consumer law organizations and individual consumers filed in the united states, apple faces at least eight class-action lawsuits.

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