apple: all the iphone and later models are replaceable battery

apple today has been clear about the policy about replace the battery, as long as the iphone 6 model(or update) the cost of mobile phone users are willing to pay$29, and other aspects the device will not be damage, can do not need further inspection to change in$29(218 yuan) legal channels of the battery.

before it is reported that some users of mobile phone even if passed apple's diagnostic tests, but apple store employees still refused to replace the battery for the user.igeneration reported that apple has to store launched a new internal documents, if not through diagnostic tests, beyond the warranty period of the battery is still can be replaced.

this means that all the iphone, the iphone 6 s, iphone se, iphone 7, 8 and iphone iphone users are competent to replace$29 x battery, battery status has nothing to do with whether there is a replacement battery qualification.

it is worth mentioning that if the user wants to get free battery replacement, applecare representatives confirmed an warranty claim so equipment diagnosis will still be a prerequisite.current policy are reserved if the battery power less than 80% of the original, the battery will be need to repair.

according to apple,$29 battery replacement will be provided throughout 2018, ios updates in the future will be better to inform users about the battery status of the equipment.

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