is the home button disappeared a year you will miss it?

december 30, wired web site, said 2017 was the home button to disappear, but soon you will not miss it.from this year's industry trends, consumer electronics products in becomes more universal than ever and complex, manufacturers seem to be increasingly tend to let the users themselves to consider how to use.they should not forget the original what makes home button so wonderful.

here is the article main content:

apple co-founder steve jobs(steve jobs) is the most convincing a lie said,"you already know how to use it."over the years, apple has been to pride in its ability to create easy-to-use products, its products are naturally so easy to use-as if you even after decades of deep frozen, immediately after wake up you also know how to 3 d touch camera app icons and himself.need proof?look at that only two years, and he has know his game on the child's lovely video!!!!

of course, that kind of idea is is really good at teach people how to use the product, either through advertising and video, or through the guidance of the device, but no one is naturally know how to use the iphone.this has never been important because apple in the device on a part of a everyone knew how to use the function:the home button.whenever you don't know what to do, press the home can make you feel free to explore the various features of equipment, because once encountered any trouble, press the button, you'll be able to get out of the trouble, from the beginning.

however, in 2017, apple canceled the home is not the only company to do this, but there is no doubt is one of the most striking a company.for the iphone x, apple replaced the obvious things-a exists only let you subconsciously want to press the button, replaced by a sliding operation of small horizontal line you should know how to.really no longer have the least from this year's industry trends, the future of the consumer electronics market with products of totipotency and complexity are far more than the production of those products companies increasingly forcing users to understand how to use themselves.

the problem of voice assistant

like amazon alexa and apple siri voice assistant, is perhaps the best example of the phenomenon.each a company doing this kind of voice assistant face the same problem:users don't know how to use it.they know in which word quickly awaken the voice assistant, of course, also know how to make their echo intelligent speakers music or set the alarm clock.but google, amazon and other companies have hope these aides stayed with users, help, to participate in a user's entire life.they need to find a way to explain the function of the voice assistant, allow the user to distinguish between"that won't work"and the difference between"it can't do that".those differences not clearly convey, especially in the absence of screen devices.however, build siri, cortana voice assistant services such as surprisingly lax in this respect.they are saying:interface is very simple, so people will go to trial, error in the process, also it doesn't matter.this is just a trial and error.

however, so far, that approach does not early 2017, a survey has found nearly 70% of the alexa skills belong to"zombie skills"(zombie skills), few people use.a skills even users have been found, after a week it is still using the probability of only 3%.another survey found that only 14% of respondents said that one day on the various platforms using voice assistant more than a few times.users find their voice assistant some very basic function, also like to use, but not to dig deeper more features.

the nature

basically, computer interface is different from the past 40 years ago seen anything, so manufacturers have to help users learn to many early computer do people's desk, so that users can more easily grasp.the computer in the notepad like notepad in real desktop like a real desktop, document save button seemingly floppy is original alien species, designed to make people a little familiarity.

40 years later, and understand more about the computer users to become.therefore, the enterprise can try new tricks and more experimental, more useful things.but as augmented reality(ar) and voice such new interface is becoming more and more popular, we seem to skip holds the part of the equipment.because in theory, the interface is so natural, so like humans, and build their company think everyone immediately become heavy users.but it won't come true.of course, microsoft's mixed reality system starting environment appears to be in the room.but walking in your vr"house"is the only way to teleport, this may not be you now in your two-bedroom house move.the controller like your hands, but you can't grasp or still have to learn those rules, you consider clear what is to be able to touch, what can't be touch.there is nothing wrong with this, after all, it is so natural, you should know how to use, but no one has taught you something.

by the way, the voice is in the same situation.yes, voice naturally, we all know how to speak.but no one will instinctively say"hey, google, let me talk to todoist."we are going to learn those things, to teach science and technology company, that's not a problem.but the company did not teach.they want you to try all sorts of things, to understand how to use.either that or will eventually become extremely well, that you can follow one's inclinationsly use.both need some time, but also not feasible.until then, we were stuck in the mire of user interaction.period, you will be able to perceive how things should work to some extent, but it will not work."home"

say something good:in the use of the iphone x after two months, i don't miss the home took some time, but i survived.for mobile phone to the screen of larger equipment larger and slightly blurred direction interface, i have no objection to it.billions of users took ten years to learn how to use these devices, now we know how to use, so we are able to try new things.but as we started to contact new product category and interface, technology companies should not be forgotten what makes original home button so wonderful, it gave users explore permission and freedom, because no matter what problems, the user always has a"home".no matter how smart devices may have, or how natural, you will always have a problem, especially for the primary technology.

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