replace an apple iphone how much profit?

flash repair man to replace the iphone 6 s screen(price)

from apple official after-sales, apple authorized service provider, the contrast in the apple authorized service provider, we can see all of the maintenance cost gap:

for absolute insurance, and time of users, apple is obviously the best choice, but expensive maintenance costs and a limited number of domestic retail outlets and failed to let all users can quickly complete maintenance.

authorized maintenance station, will charge a"service fee", but has a wide network coverage, maintenance time is better than the official authorization slightly faster, repair services and support.

the unauthorized collaboration services, although there is no"apple official authorization"in the name of, but because of this, its price is the lowest in front of the two, and to provide a lot of features.

a replacement parts cost?

the apple"slow down"after the incident, love rocks(wechat id:ifanr) had an interview with a senior mobile phone maintenance personnel and parts suppliers, he said,"although there are a lot of users are preferred official or its authorized after-sales service, but some of the pursuit of cost-effective users will choose unauthorized services or try to replacement parts.".

7 plus teardown(iphone)

/iphone(iphone x 8 plus rear camera)

the iphone 6 s, for example, if the cell phone battery aging need to change, buy a piece of original battery in parts suppliers need 60 yuan.if accidentally broke the screen, then take the cost of 100~ 300 yuan to buy glass and screen assembly;if i want change a mobile phone shell, so you need to spend 180 yuan to buy a deputy factory production of new housing and its installation.

obviously, the individual components of the cost is not high.and bring huge profits for maintenance services, in addition to the service fee of replacement parts, and authorized service providers to apple's collection of labour cost.

(iphone 6 s plus screen assembly)

(s/6/6 iphone 6 plus/s plus battery, see where there is the difference?)

according to the"state", according to the prospectus(contains the summary and prospect of industry analysis of the business), in october 2016 to january 2017, the company through authorized service outlets for iphone6s mobile phone users provide free maintenance battery changes within the service, and pay every single service fee is higher than the standard fee for 32 yuan.

at the same time, due to apple in 2016 and preserved within the customer new loan reserve machine maintenance service, so each spare machine 60 yuan, labor costs to be paid by the company and the project demand is increasing in 2017.

as a result,"hundreds of nations"in 2017, 1~ 6 months average maintenance cost further growth in 2016, reached 111.92 yuan.

("hundreds of state"guaranteed repair business within every single average statistics, photo source:"prospectus")

("best bond"maintenance business gross margin, photo source:"prospectus")

in addition, according to gross margin in the"manual", from january 2017 to june"service business"of gross profit margin as high as other words, if you are authorized to replace a screen assembly from the repair service, repair costs 1178 yuan,"best bond"is likely to earn about 900 yuan of the cost of maintenance.

(by ccid statistics of china mobile phone after-sales service market size, photo source:"prospectus")

the user groups as smartphones grows year by year, the user to make track for"new"desire fade, just need to mobile phone repair industry has become a service.according to zenith statistics, at present china is the world's highest mobile phone ownership, for a total of 1.3 billion, mobile phone service industry will continue to maintain the chaoyang state over the next year.

because of battery aging due to suspected and manipulation performance of mobile phones, apple recently"slow down the door"event this week in the continuous fermentation, involves the user from the united states spread to the world, in the land of israel, france and other lawsuit apple mobile users are spontaneous.

(the iphone 6 s, photo source:cnet)

on december 29th morning, apple formally apologize for"slow down", and promised in late january 2018 to december of the old iphone warranty provided$29(home to 218 yuan, the original price is$79 and$79) of battery replacement service.

likewise, in december last year, because apple has the iphone 6 s accidental shutdown by revelations"battery door"event.blink distance"battery door"just over a year, apple is still a headache for the battery problem.

(the iphone 6 s, photo source:getty images)

apology released details about apple in the morning, love rocks(micro signal:ifanr) also has carried on the related reports in this morning.

as the smartphone market in recent years gradually saturated, the overall service life of the cell phone is more and more long, a lot of practical use of mobile phone users are only from a few years ago after more into"two years in"even more long time to update regularly.

(photo source:picjumbo)

in the mobile phone two years this time of the"service", we will be in mobile phone accidentally fell broken screen, battery aging problem, this is called"artificial damage"to apple.this was judged to be artificially damaged, to the official authorization pits maintenance, often need to pay is rather expensive.

apple after quotation, for example, in the case of applecare representatives confirmed an service support(qualify for maintenance), the iphone x screen repair for 2278 yuan only, other damage is 4588 yuan, for the half price of new machine;and lowest in the list of iphone se/5 s/5 c/5 also need the cost of 978 yuan, 1998 yuan, respectively, which have been able to buy a taichung the android mobile phone.

apple's expensive and beyond the visible equipment, even after-sales maintenance"people first", apparently apple expensive maintenance cost is not the first choice for consumers with limited budgets.

price expensive state maintenance, a third-party mobile maintenance catalyst

so except in its official after-sales expensive, there are other maintenance way?the answer is the maintenance of mobile phone users demand more and more big, there are quite a few of apple retail service provider in the rapid rise in recent years.

at present, apple mobile phone repair service of the company is mainly divided into two kinds:one kind is apple authorized service providers, so the former mainly serve such as motorola, samsung, nokia mobile phone after-sales service business of"hundreds of state"hundred huayue state science and technology co., ltd.(beijing).

(photo source:fix the fruit net)

is another official authorization of cooperation, in the form of o2o operation maintenance services, such as in the recent years the rise of"flash man", the service provider through the operation mode of the electricity to provide customers with door-to-door service.

complex official maintenance process and expensive nature is not the first choice for users, which is virtually a third party service providers the growth of the catalysts.

later this month,"the state"announced ipo(initial public offering) access to the securities and futures commission formally approved and listed on the shenzhen stock exchange and on the 27th of this month.

can make a company be successful listing within the next 10 years, which is obviously a very profitable.according to the statistics of the journal with each network,"hundreds of nations"in 2016(warranty) maintenance services within the"income"and"such release(warranty) maintenance business income"a total of nearly 500 million, accounting for 76.44% of the company's operating income.and according to profit in these repairs, its gross margin is as high as 80%.

from"the state"provided by the customer service center service price list, the iphone 6 s screen component also is 1178 yuan, and still need to pay 100 yuan fee, but provides a"mail"maintenance"hundreds of state", domestic 140 stores"to store maintenance", an apple authorized service providers,"state"can be seen as a"genius"of apple after-sales maintenance of a supplement.

and the other to provide maintenance service provider"flash repair man"in this year also get rmb 100 million b round of financing.the family after cooperation with meizu have authorized o2o maintenance service provider provides the unmanned aerial vehicle(uav), mac and mobile phone repair, claims to provide"free door to door"and"quick fix"20 minutes, the price also compared to apple's official and authorized"hundreds of state"slightly cheaper.

the same iphone 6 s replacement screen, for example, in repairing respectively chivalry website we can see the screen"broken", and"anomalies"screen displayed in two options, the price is 240 yuan and 459 yuan respectively, if the screen always chengdu need to change, you need to pay 699 yuan of the cost of replacement.

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