apple started ahead of dollar iphone battery replacement program first supply co., ltd

the phoenix network technology-techcrunch(beijing time) on december 31, reported that apple promised$29 warranty iphone battery replacement program, is now open to the iphone 6 and update models, earlier than previously expected at the end of january.

apple had originally planned to begin from the end of january next year with a discount of$29 for warranty 6 change mobile phone batteries, such as the iphone until december next phone apple had admitted, in order to prevent accidental shutdown, they restrict the speed of the old iphone, prompting the user dissatisfaction.

"we originally expected to need more time to prepare,"apple said in a statement,"but we are very glad to immediately can provide our customers with a low battery replacement service, the first batch of part can replace the battery supply may be limited."

the apple has been slow down event made a rare public apology, and the warranty of the iphone battery replacement costs reduced from$79 to$29.many users might take to their mobile phones to replace's rivals have make full use of the negative, htc, lg, motorola and other apple main rival, all said they had never been to its old phone to take measures to slow down.

at the same time, the maintenance company ifixit citing apple's apology, lowered their iphone battery replacement kit costs to$ present, the apple of the old iphone slow down the news has prompted ifixit battery replacement suite sales volume rapid growth.ifixit, said consumers to buy its battery replacement kit, because apple battery replacement may have to wait.

in addition, apple will also be released in early 2018 ios updates, new features to allow the user to further check the health of the iphone battery.

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