apple had iphonex design patents: liu haibing don't copy

according to patently apple reports, the united states patent and trademark office(uspto) has just released a batch of a total of 46 today apple patents, including one of the most important iphone x patent of appearance design.

these patents are apples in november 2016, submit to the uspto audit iphone x is apple's first full screen and oled smartphones, the most obvious change is carrying the full screen, apple bold use of original deeply lenses and face id technology, abandon traditional touch id fingerprint identification is designed, the iphone x is no longer with the home button.

according to apple, the iphone is not only the iphone x 10 anniversary commemorative products("x"to refer to roman numeral 10), but also the pioneer of apple iphone next decade, represents the future of the iphone.

although iphone x"bang screen"a lot of people think that is a bit ugly, but have to say is also the iphone x full screen compromise under better design, but due to the influence of the apple, began to imitate the design have the manufacturer.but now that apple has applied for the design of the iphone x patents,"liu haibing"design among them, obviously want to copy must weigh carefully.

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