iphoneg out of memory?these small way may be able to help you

remember to have a period of time between the net a lot about the life 30 don't do things, although there will always be some size differences, but in article 30, are no exception, writes:never buy a 16 gb iphone in order to save money.

to be honest, this sentence to see how many fruit are only apple know about crying.actually in the last two years, i'm afraid 16 gb still can barely meet is used, but with the development of nearly two years a variety of applications, 16 gb iphone users will often encounter the phenomenon of insufficient memory, so what are the good way to quickly clear the memory?

1, close the message permanent storage

methods:settings-messages-information-to retain information-select 30 days

2, optimization of the storage space

if you often use iphone photos, so you should know the iphone photo storage includes two kinds:optimize the storage space and download and keep the original.but this time if you choose to optimize the storage space, then the full resolution photographs and video will be automatically replaced with optimized version.

methods:set up-photos-optimize the storage space

3, historical records and site data

if you often use the iphone browser safari to browse news, so you must save a lot of the iphone web history and browse data, suddenly want to know these things but abandoned in the very of memory, so regular cleaning is especially important historical records and the site records.

methods:settings-safari-clear historical records and site data

4, selective deletion applications and data

if you want to be a bigger capacity, you need to delete some more substantive content, the content including the application of mobile phone, video, photos, blog, music and so on.it is important to note that without backup, the data is deleted after unable to find any longer.

methods:application settings-general-iphone storage space-choose

5, the strongest cleaning solution

the above four methods is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the fundamental method is to replace a larger memory of mobile phone, once in place, save time and effort worry, after all, even the apple now only provide two versions of the 64 gb and 64 gb, 16 gb does have some backward.

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