apple iphone battery capacity doubled frequency reduction after consumers hope

message, on december 31, according to foreign media, usa today reported for apple, the timing of"battery door"could hardly be apple will be able to walk out of the haze in the incident?based on the analysis of his legacy, the company needs to be more open to the public.

it is the christmas holiday season, consumers are buying all kinds of new products of good this time of year, people also tend to upgrade their old cell phones, to greet the new year.however, due to the battery door, apple is now make some people angry.last week, the company had to publicly acknowledged that many suspect problem:adds a number of features to the old iphone software upgrades, actually to slow down the speed of the phone.

upgrade to apple's latest ios version of the user, found that they slow down the phone, because the new features of fancy faster chips to deal with.

shortly before christmas, apple come clean, says it uses software technology to slow processing speed of the old phone, because consider the natural life of the aging cells, avoid unexpected shutdown mobile phone because the battery problem.

the cupertino company provides a solution, but consumers have to pay a price.because of apple's smartphone product is not the convenient and remove the battery, replace the new battery to charge$79.(note:apple on friday sent an apology, and replace the battery price cut to$29.)

market research firm giving insights analyst daniel ives(daniel ives) pointed out that apple's initial that statement is not enough.he estimates that about 350 million of the consumers in the thinking of upgrading their mobile phones, they will not eat the apple that sets.

"it is a public relations nightmare for apple."ives said,"timing of things is very bad, they have to solve the problem before worsen."

he said, adding that apple"need to give the user a calm."

apple quick fan base is obviously not present, the united states has been eight consumer fraud lawsuit against apple, iphone users on twitter is swearing.

"i was disappointed for apple,"apple consumers, passengers from new zealand molly, his(molly couts) said,"it is in a lie."

"don't worry about the thickness of the cell phone...what we need is a double capacity of the battery."he wrote.

this year, apple launched three new iphones:7 upgrade modest compared to last year's iphone iphone eight and eight plus, and by far the most expensive iphone model iphone x(starting at$999).as in the past, apple for these new advertising stressed that they have a faster chip and a better camera, is implicitly to remind consumers of old cell phone needs to upgrade as soon as possible.

this week, digital, analysts said the new iphone than usual less popular with consumers.the taiwan economic daily reported that apple may be in the first quarter of 2018 sales forecast from the original 50 million to 30 million.

the consumer is likely to switch to the samsung galaxy series mobile phones or google new pixel's arms, the two products are longer than the iphone battery life.however, they also no use removable battery.

he said,"the apple needs to acknowledge that the plain fact, explain the matter being misunderstood, and its purpose is to bring mobile phones to better performance, not prompted to upgrade your mobile phone."

mons, pointed out that new battery may be able to solve the problem of equipment running speed, but consumers also have good reason to buy new machine, in addition to longer battery life and faster chips, these reasons include software more secure, on a new machine running smooth new advanced technologies, such as augmented reality.

gaslight district bubbles speciality women's clothing boutique manager tracy allman(tracie allman) said that she want to be heard from apple is three simple words:"we will not let you slow old cell can keep them as don't have to is to spend money on new every two years."

new zealand passenger test, may be some wishful thinking, because she wants to is:"they give you a new iphone."

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