oled burn-in test: apple iphonex stronger than the samsung note

apple iphone x finally using oled screen, the screen can show the advantages of a deeper and more rich color black, the downside is that show the same picture for a long time there will be a"burn-in"phenomenon, even the iphone x can't be avoided, even acknowledged the apple, the iphone's ability to resist"burn-in"x is more powerful?

korean media cetizen using oled models for the"burn-in"test, the test machine including the iphone, samsung note 8 x and samsung s7 edge, testers let three phone normally on display with a static image, every once in a while will observe three phone state.tests show that when the last show the same picture, 510 hours after the iphone x will appear permanent burn-in phenomenon, but the trace is not particularly evident, the samsung two models will appear earlier burn-in phenomenon.

this test also proved that it is not easy to use at ordinary times normal oled screen mobile phone for burn-in problems, after all, few people will display on the phone for several weeks with a static picture.

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