advance execution iphone battery changes preferential apple really urgent this time

in china in 2017, the last on a weekday morning, apple announced to all the old iphone battery changes of price adjustment, the domestic price from 608 yuan to 218 yuan.but it did not stop the criticism from many aspects, so the company decided to execute discount policy of mobile phone battery replacement in advance.

according to the cable news network(cnn) reported, in the face of a large number of angry users, the company decided to a month earlier than planned as of mobile phone batteries to replace the discount policy, now holding the iphone 6 users only need to pay$29(rmb 190) to replace the battery.

in the media to apple after verification, the other party also confirmed that the policy will start in the world in the united states time on saturday.the spokesman said,"we want more time to prepare, but we are more willing to give the user more affordable price right now, but the first batch of replacement battery there may be restrictions on the supply."

although apple this wave compensation let many people quite happy, but also has a fault, technical analyst daniel ives told cnbc source on friday, apple apology just to catch a wait-and-see attitude of smart upgrade potential users, also is the buyers lock"wait".giving insights, chief strategy officer ives said:"this is a public relations nightmare, and they must stop events worsen, because apple is prepared for smartphone replacement tide, and now is the most don't want to see them."

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