the financial times: apple iphone speed down the door test consumer loyalty

the following is the full text:

conspiracy theorists believe that:the company is deliberately slow down the speed of the old iphone, the purpose is to force users to upgrade to the updated version of the iphone models.

apple then an apology, said people"misunderstanding"are present in this then said it would take two initiatives to help solve the problem.first of all, apple plans to put the iphone 6 and update the model of the warranty replacement battery cost reduced from$79 to$ insists that new battery will enhance performance.second, apple promised to launch a software update whether to allow the user to see the aging cell phone performance.

to slow down in order to promote the new iphone and iphone 8 x sales charges, apple strongly denied."we never, never take any measures to shorten the life of any apple products on purpose or to reduce the user experience, to facilitate users to upgrade,"apple said,"our goal is always user favorite product development, the important thing is to make the use time of the iphone as long as possible."

is for the new iphone

however, users have every reason to question the slow down of apple.after hitting all-time high this month, apple and its some key supplier's share price fell sharply on december 26, the reason is that some analysts predicting published reports, points out that the demand in the first quarter of the iphone x will be less than expected.

apple puts forward solutions are difficult to satisfy many my house, for example, we just together for christmas for my mother bought a new iphone, because she has to use the old iphone.i got a new iphone 5 s will certainly slow, shut down, but can't change the battery to enjoy at a battery replacement commitment can resist a series of class action lawsuit also not clear, the company because of this problem in the united states, france and israel is filed a class action lawsuit.

let old products becoming obsolete and is not an industry's new's former ceo, alfred sloan(alfred sloan) in the early 1920 s is fully aware of this concept, seeking through change car designed to boost sales in every year.

however, this strategy is only applicable to when the user in the same company to buy another makers in the 1960 s and 70 s know the risk of doing that time, the japanese carmaker by introducing more durable cars to appeal to the owner.user loyalty


apple was able to become the world's most valuable company, because it gives the user sufficient reasons to remain loyal.

are drawn to the iphone concise design and private users to buy the application of the ios ecosystem, movie and music.later, they found that the switch to apple opponent's mobile phone is a costly problem.

however, streaming music service company, the rise of subscription services such as netflix streaming video service, is changing the landscape.without downloading the bondage of the users find it's easy to switch to other devices and ecological systems.

if the user began to believe that apple did not take them seriously, or deceive them, then the iphone advantage will not last too long.

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