it also became slow down the door: apple has triggered a class-action lawsuit

according to patentlyapple website(beijing time) on january 2, because apple iphone"slow down"referred to several class-action lawsuits.last friday, the us state of missouri, mississippi consumers filed for apple on 16, 17 collective lawsuits.

missouri litigation plaintiff respectively is gold burton(kim burton), william ellis(william ellis);mississippi litigation of the plaintiff were neil mcginnis(neill presented) and scott archer(j.scott archer).because american consumers proposed class-action lawsuits are similar, so they might eventually merge into a class action lawsuit.

it is worth mentioning that the lawsuit in the u.s.state of missouri, consumers use also accused apple ios upgrade to reduce the multiple versions the performance, including the mini 2.the lawsuit and similar, most of the class action lawsuit charges use apple ios upgrade to reduce the speed of their equipment.the plaintiff made clear that apple slows the equipment in order to let the fans take turns to buy the new equipment.

figure 2:the device has also been included in the collective lawsuit

the plaintiff sought on behalf of the iphone 5/5 s/se/s/6 s plus plus/7/7 and 6/6 the mini version of the user, such as 2 class-action lawsuits for apple accused apple through the ios upgrade to the new system reduces the equipment performance.

the plaintiff also pointed out that the apple clashed with third-party equipment up, the goal is to make it difficult to consumers at a reasonable price maintenance equipment.they blog theverge an article in science and technology-"why the apple and other technology companies trying to make the equipment is difficult to repair", as the evidence, prove that apple is deliberately take such measures, to promote consumers to buy the new iphone.

the apple has been slow down door event made a rare public apology, and promise the warranty of the iphone battery replacement costs reduced from$79 to$29, at present has already addition, apple will be released in early 2018 ios updates, new features to allow the user to further check the health of the iphone battery.

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