microsoft technology and ecological meeting: china azure cloud services will increase

in 2017 microsoft technology and ecological meeting held yesterday(microsoft tech summit), microsoft ceo satya nabarro della(satya nadella)), announced by the century interconnection in china of microsoft azure cloud computing will be three times the capacity in the next six months to complete.

at the meeting, satya, announced by the interconnected operation of microsoft azure expansion and will be completed in the next six months, the azure in china to provide cloud computing scale will be expanded to three times the current level microsoft azure is one of the first century internet operations into china and implement formal commercial international public cloud services, currently has more than 1300 solution partners, more than 10 m from different industry enterprise customers in the use of azure cloud services.expansion after the microsoft azure will better meet the needs of chinese users, and provides more abundant functions and operational security service, at the same time, also will be deployed and operational in china for global azure users provide more smooth migration service cloud business.

microsoft and hardware partners worldwide dell, lenovo, cisco, huawei launched the azure of the stack will be commercial in the first half of stack is a stretch of azure public cloud from the api interface, development tools, market, operation management and so on all aspects of cloud, can provide consistent with the azure of hybrid cloud platforms and stack to azure cloud computing the flexibility and the fast pace of technological innovation to the customer the local data center, especially suitable for edge and offline environment, the need to meet a variety of regulatory requirements of industry enterprises, as well as the need to implement cloud applications in local mode of business stack based in china will help our clients by the internet operations of microsoft azure hybrid cloud solution.

sql server 2017 official business in china, support linux, windows, docker version.sql server is the first born to cloud, as well as in local deployment database.sql server 2017 for the first time to expand the ability of sql server from windows to linux and docker container platform, let developers are free to choose their favorite language and environment for developing intelligent application, lead to higher levels of productivity, performance, and data security.

satya share in the keynote microsoft in the mixed reality, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and other areas of the frontier of the latest achievements:microsoft is working with partners to build a more secure and more parity mixed reality experience;artificial intelligence will merge with more depth of microsoft products;quantum computing time has come, microsoft has launched a special development of programming languages and development tools and simulators.

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