promote unity: microsoft to vr openxr open standards organization

at present, virtual reality has a lot of players on the market, but in fact, they use vr standards is very fragmented, the platform of vr application experience also has a strong sense of fragmentation.this is definitely not a good thing for developers.

because of this, vr open standards organization areable group created openxr, aims at providing a vr and ar applications and equipment to establish a unified standard.

as a leader in the field of vr/ar/mr, microsoft has a very good demonstration effect.according to foreign media reports onmsft, recently, microsoft joined the vr openxr open standards organization.

openxr standard will eliminate the vr applications, games, and engine transplant from one platform to another platform(api), the gap for developers, they can just write a program, you can run on any vr system.for consumers, this means that their applications of vr equipment ecology will be more rich.

as microsoft continues to push the windows mixed reality, microsoft's voice in the field of vr/ar/mr also will be more and more high, the microsoft support for openxr, perhaps the key to success is openxr standards.

to know more information about openxr, please click here.

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