it's home netizens share: live officedevdays microsoft

this morning, microsoft office 365 dev days officially opened in shanghai, it's home internet users"to sprout in deep sea"have come to the event for the scene direct seeding, interested users can walk it's home to watch it.

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microsoft officials said, so far, already has 140 million users worldwide with office 365 implementation work way of innovation, the global top 500 enterprises, 85% is office 365 users.specific to the chinese market, office 365's market share to 23% in the first in china.

china has become the office 365's fastest-growing regions worldwide, especially in the support of partners, achieved a 300% growth in 2016 alone.

office 365 devdays is for annual microsoft office 365 developers and technical personnel at the event.last year the office 365 held in beijing for the first time, help a lot of company's technical team to solve the problems on the business, this year's blog devdays to all, with all of you to a feast to development.

from the headquarters of microsoft office product research and development team of technical experts will bring you the latest and the most practical office 365 technical content, help people more comprehensive system of master office 365 platform development various aspects ability, insight into the office as a service, microsoft graph, azure ad, sharepoint, teams, and so on related development skills, and learn about various interoperability in the microsoft office products.

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