microsoft xbox game strategy big reversal will be set up or buy more studios

according to bloomberg reported beijing time on november 7, as microsoft's new xbox console on market sales, the company's game department's attention is shifting to software and services.

according to the xbox business director phil spencer(phil spencer) said in an interview last week, microsoft plans to increase investment, founded by internal studio or acquiring external studio to develop their own games.this is microsoft's strategy for the past few years has been to a 180-degree big reversal, over the past few years, microsoft game constantly closed studio, canceled, and meeting being criticized by game players in the industry lack of popular game of the first camp.

"we need to grow, i'm really looking forward to.create content must be one of our strengths, we didn't have been investing heavily in like this, we always ups and downs in this aspect of the investment."spencer will go on sale on tuesday the xbox one x, this is a high-end host devices for wild game players.

in history, some of the most popular game on the xbox comes from microsoft, including the"halo"and"war machine", etc.but in recent years, microsoft to cut some of the internal development of the game.a year ago, microsoft shut down two studio:uk-based lionhead and press play in denmark.

"it means that we thoroughly to rethink the measure of the business progress,", in the last month said on a conference call.

this change let microsoft recently can play advantage.last quarter, although the xbox hardware mainframe revenues fell, but its software and services revenue grew by is expected to benefit from the$500 xbox one x, hardware revenue growth this quarter, but margins will narrow again with the influence of the new hardware.

although software and services are becoming more important, but the host has not close to death.for fever and top players, the xbox is still the best game consoles.but spencer said that over the next three years, microsoft will likely for part of the type of content to launch a without host streaming in 2012, he says, internal testing a similar service, but because the cost is too high, microsoft does not leave it to the market, but microsoft over the past few years in the azure cloud business developments are changing this kind of service costs and quality.

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