microsoft's acquisition of dynamic image application swngapp downloaded about ten thousand times

beijing time on november 7th afternoon news, microsoft's acquisition of startup swing technologies, get some computer vision and imaging technology.

swing technologies, developed a dynamic photo app, is called swng, you can use the swng shooting impressionist style, the same short video gif, put finger or the mouse drag to move above the image.after the acquisition of swng team will join skype department.

the details of the deal also don't know, but the app should continue to survive.swng is a small company, there are about 10 workers, introduced last year before the app team with apple engineers, also have mit computer visual experts.don't know how many people in the company, and i don't know which employees will join microsoft.

apptopia estimates, based on the analysis of the app company swng app downloaded about 500000 times, launched three months after the number of active users is about 60000, but the last three months on average only about 20000.

after join skype, swng have the opportunity to develop the program.

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