microsoft: cyber war to prevent fall mainly on technology companies

technology can make our lives better, but it can also be used for evil purposes.the united nations in a speech in geneva, microsoft president and general counsel brad smith(brad smith), said the attacks against technological progress to promote must be the duty of every person.

geekwire reported, smith said:"we have seen a new arms race.we have entered a new era of stealth weapons.when we talk about cyber weapons, it is not something that can be like a gun in his hand, nor can see things like aircraft or missile, but its effect could be far-reaching."

smith pointed out that a large part of the responsibility falls on the world's biggest technology company, he said that this should be the first line of defense against cyber attacks:"we have made these things...we always see first threat, we have the ability to act quickly."

he said, adding that microsoft in the security innovation spending$1 billion a year.smith urged the tech world famous people unite and said they should adopt a common set of best practices, to protect the rest of the world from cyber attacks.

cyber attacks are becoming more common in the last few years, some of the most serious in the history of network attack took place in the presidential election, a candidate to become the target of a mass email, may wannacry has a total of more than 150 countries in the hospitals, businesses and government paralyzed.

which is just the latest of several.remember sony hackers events of 2014?in 2016 the democratic national committee of the hacker attack?smith said in his speech, the threat is real, so some people think that the network security should be absolute human rights.

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