microsoft's new directors, continue to restructure the management

beijing time on december 1 morning news, microsoft has just four new directors, making the total number of members of the board of directors, 14 people.

linkedin founder reid hoffman

there are nine of the 14 directors are in satya,(satya nadella) named after taking office in february 2014., has launched a major adjustment, the company pay more attention to cloud computing products, rather than profit special but dwindling windows business, he also help microsoft to unload the burden of the smartphone business.since the, since he took office, shares of microsoft rose more than 70%.

new appointments before 4 directors have been announced, but by the general meeting of shareholders of the formal election on wednesday.they are respectively:

reid hoffman(reid hoffman), founder of linkedin, the company in june 2016, a buyout by microsoft.

hugh johnston(hugh johnston), pepsico cfo.

stewart pritzker(penny pritzker), former us secretary of commerce, private equity investment firm psp capital, founding chairman of the board of directors.

arnie, sorensen, arne sorenson, marriott international ceo.

at the same time, the hedge fund company valueact mason w.moffett(mason morfitt) is out of microsoft's board.

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