microsoft announced fiscal first quarter earnings: windows stable cloud computing business strong

on october 27, news, according to reuters, microsoft today released its fiscal year ended sept.30, 2018 in the first quarter results.results showed that microsoft a better-than-expected first-quarter profit, the reason is that rising demand for its cloud computing services, at the same time its pc software business, tend to be stable.

in the nasdaq regular trading thursday, microsoft's shares closed at$78.76, up after-hours trading, shares rose the world's largest software company, to$82.25.

in recent years, microsoft focus on the rapid growth of cloud applications and platforms, to help it overcome the windows operating system is responsible for the influence of a slowdown in demand-in the 1990 s, the software for the company on the top.

fiscal 2018 first quarter, microsoft smart cloud business revenue of$6.92 billion, an increase of nearly 14%.according to the financial data and analysis of data from factset, analysts had expected an average of 6.7 billion dollars.

microsoft azure cloud platform competitors including amazon aws cloud service and from alphabet, google, ibm and oracle similar services, the business in the first quarter revenue rose 90% year-on-year, while a quarter year-on-year growth rate of 97%.

microsoft investor relations director gus stephanie delhi(stephanie rodriguez) said that benefit from the strong performance of azure cloud platform, microsoft's cloud business gross margin to 57%.

microsoft, said its commercial cloud business in the first quarter of annual revenue to$20.4 2015, della, target is by 2018, microsoft's business cloud business revenue of$20 billion.

in a conference call with analysts, he said, the retailer costco recently became azure cloud platform customers.

fiscal 2018 first quarter, microsoft's personal computing division on revenue of$9.38 billion, down 0.2% year-on-year, but easily beat analysts' average forecast of$8.81 billion.

the department's main business includes windows software, xbox, online search advertising and surface personal computers.

microsoft surface pc business has experienced two consecutive quarters of decline, may benefit from the new surface tablets and notebook computers, the business in the first quarter revenue grew by 12% year-on-year.

microsoft dynamics, the main products for the enterprise of the business and sales management software, its rival inc, the first business revenue grew 13% year-on-year.

portfolio management institutions fort pitt capital group of stock analyst kim forrest(kim forrest) said:"even if the same optimal remains salesforce, microsoft also has plenty of good product to get a lot of business."

a market research company giving insights analyst daniel ives(daniel ives) said:"microsoft has ready for speeding up growth in 2018, after from the concerns of the profit margins have been exaggerated.for microsoft, slowly improving pc market is the growth of soft power;and in the next few years, cloud business will become the company growth of trojan horse."

microsoft announced the first quarter net profit of$6.58 billion, diluted earnings per share of 84 cents, the performance is better than the same period last fiscal 2017 first quarter, net profit of$5.667 billion, microsoft diluted earnings per share of 72 cents.

microsoft first fiscal revenue was$24.54 billion, up 12% from a year earlier.

as of thursday, microsoft's shares have risen nearly 27% this year, more than the standard&poor;'s 500 index up 14.4%.

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