pirated microsoft began to clear up enterprise: there have been many companies were charged

as we all know, although the behavior of using pirated software is despised, but in the face of personal piracy, microsoft has always been a"turn a blind eye", although microsoft completely have the ability to clear up personal use pirated behavior(such as the former"pirated windows 7 black screen event").

we suspect this is done, microsoft is to ensure that the windows operating system and other microsoft software market share.

although microsoft to individual"lenient"in most of the time, but for enterprises, microsoft is going to england.according to domestic media kilter financial reports, in the past week, there are many listed companies and financial institutions, confirmed that have received the microsoft china issued by the department of property rights require companies to use genuine microsoft software of correspondence.

it is alleged that microsoft checking up the piracy of the enterprise's product range includes all its software products, especially the microsoft office suite, such as word, excel, powerpoint and visio.

a company, said, the head of the microsoft piracy action, the inventory enterprises for more than is listed companies, saying:

microsoft property department on the annual reports of companies letter head contact way, if the company is not registered users, microsoft software will send lawyer letter.

according to the director, estimates that in the operation,"seek"enterprise by microsoft will be more than one hundreds, or even more than that.

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