microsoft plans to renovate headquarters: there will be building cost billions of dollars after a renovation

on nov.29, according to foreign media reports, apple's$5 billion investment to build new headquarters at present has been basically completed, will all the year, amazon also unveiled a$5 billion to build a second headquarters in september, now microsoft also sit not to live, they are prepared to refurbish headquarters in redmond, washington.

now microsoft headquarters park

microsoft's plan is to dismantle headquarters park in the eastern part of 12 buildings, now and then to build 18 building, at the same time, it will improve the transportation infrastructure in the park and green space, public space, stadiums.

refurbished headquarters is expected to cost billions of dollars, the traffic infrastructure and the green space of improvement will cost$150 million.

after renovation, headquarters park east of microsoft office space will increase 670 square feet(about 622000 square meters), the new office space can accommodate 8000 people.

after the renovation of the headquarters of microsoft campus

after the renovation is complete, the headquarters of microsoft's redmond, washington, in the park, there will be 131 building renovation in space is equivalent to 180 football pitches.

the current microsoft headquarters has 47000 employees, to increase after the completion of the renovation of 8000 if all use of office space, its headquarters in employees will reach 55000.

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