microsoft windows is listed on mixed reality wore a display device

10 autumn creatives

in addition to the windows update(this morning) and surface of formal push book 2 laptops, windows mixed reality(windows mixed reality) wearing a display device has been officially listed in today.

windows mr wore a display device partners, including hp, dell, samsung, and acer, beginning from today, will launch in the chinese market their windows mr wore a display device.

in the mall, microsoft currently hp windows mr mixed reality glasses have on-line sale, priced at 3499 yuan.

microsoft mall hp windows mr glasses:click here to buy

10 creatives windows update fall edition will be mixed reality experience for hopes that by mixed reality technology fundamentally improve the way people creation, communication and entertainment.

at present, the windows in the app store already has more than 20000"mixed reality"application, the user can in their own home of"virtual", enjoy unprecedented experience, such as travel, sports, live music and games, etc.

click access:microsoft's official chinese mall

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