, to come to china!a week after the microsoft technology and ecological meeting. see you in beijing

besides satya nabarro della, forum guests include:

    senior vice president of microsoft company, greater china, chairman and chief executive of keruijie;

    senior vice president of microsoft company, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, head of the core team, microsoft microsoft research division chief technology officer guzhuolun;

    vice president of microsoft greater china region, marketing and operations, iot kang rong, director, general manager;

    the global-known vice president of microsoft platforms group pan zhenglei;

    senior vice president of microsoft company, office 365 global engineering director karim batthish;

    microsoft partners, microsoft(china) engineering dean xie yutao operating system;

    microsoft china cloud computing and enterprise group senior partner, senior director of engineering liang gebi.

this microsoft technology and ecological meeting will mainly revolves around the following 12 technical topics:

    windows desktop device;

    enterprise efficient productivity;

    a new generation of user experience;

    enterprise information security;

    dynamics of enterprise application;

    cloud computing infrastructure;

    cloud computing application development;

    the development tools, development framework, programming language;

    iot solutions;

    artificial intelligence;

    business data analysis;

    data platform for the deployment of development and management.

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