microsoft surface today at the age of five small ice sing yao mv

today is october 26, microsoft surface products in china for the fifth birthday, but the surface first product is released on june 18, 2012.started in shanghai in this year microsoft surface pro(2017), and also introduced the surface laptop, surface studio, etc., including the surface just released book 2 laptops, surface family is the most powerful period in history.

microsoft greater china region vice president, consumer and equipment department said isaiah cheung, general manager:

time passed very, we are glad to surface in the fifth anniversary of china's listed.

since released surface pro, we created a new product category for laptop market, as each generation of surface products listed in the chinese market, we continuously explore the possibility of product category and product experience, for the user to bring more features, more gorgeous screen, more changeful form to adapt to the ever-changing scenarios.

last week, we took a big step.launched 10 creatives windows update fall edition with a new surface book 2.

surface book 2 is our for achievement future creative people to build a future laptop, a sufficient to support across the mixed reality(mixed reality), artificial intelligence, machine learning, immersive gaming experience next computing performance strong notebook addition to the strong performance, surface book 2 will also versatility of tablets and portable studio of freedom into an organic whole, become creative ferment platform.

in the past five years, surface not only leading the industry to explore and expand new areas, lead to the development of the pc market.with our partners in more than 30 cities, set up nearly 400 offline store to provide a safe and reliable consumer the same time in october 26 to october 29, microsoft will also be held to mark the fifth anniversary of surface activity, for to the experience of users are exquisite addition, microsoft's official mall(click access) is also introduced a wonderful favourable activity, to thank the support of users has.

in addition to surface china fifth anniversary birthday, microsoft small ice excellent singing"fuyao"mv, thoughts, new ideas and painting style is pretty might as well enjoy the small ice's masterpiece.

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