who says mm headphone jack out of date?microsoft's patent application for a new strengthening protection

in the present electronic equipment appeared a new trend, is to eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack, but most of the cables or 3.5 mm plug, may no longer use tieline to connect.

to cancel the cause of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is not clear, there are said to be in order to keep the cell phone is thinner and more internal space, such as batteries and vibration, there is also a kind of statement is a disguised form allows users to buy expensive and dedicated bluetooth headset or a wired headset, etc.

new patents, and the recent exposure of a microsoft will not solve the problem of the last one, but helps to solve the problem in front of the mobile space.

microsoft patent application for the"electronic equipment plug socket, recommend replacing internal headset silo, make its can be extended to the external part, it will retain when the headphone jack did not insert the sleek appearance of the equipment, but when needed can increase the available space, will not affect the other structures.

microsoft provides at least three solutions:

the first will configure flexible material, after the headset insert jack to expand;the second is the hard pleated material, can also be expanded, but for thin equipment is extended in two directions.

microsoft will also recommend the use of spring type electric contact current to the headphones, also suggested that at the other side of the plug is also used by simply contact design, it can simplify the structure.

the final product shape looks like the image below, but microsoft's idea is good, but also increased the complexity of the production, it is unclear whether microsoft will be applied to the surface and other hardware products.

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