microsoft overweight china cloud services market: micro wechat access office assistant

recently, microsoft technology and ecological meeting 2017 was held in beijing, shows the microsoft mixed reality, artificial intelligence, the latest progress in the field of quantum computing such as front, hand in hand and share the microsoft ecosystem in china, development achievements of digital transition opportunities and prospects.

microsoft ceo satya nabarro said della, steady development, continuous innovation of china is one of the world's most dynamic markets, microsoft will overweight the chinese market business.the techweb was invited to dialogue with microsoft office, cloud computing business executives, investigate microsoft harvest and prospect in the related field.

microsoft senior vice president, office 365 global engineering director karim batthish said, working in the office 365 represents modern mode, microsoft emphasizes simplicity conghua, the respect such as teamwork, security, building products, and constantly improve the user experience.

karim batthish, office 365 for enterprises the most meaningful thing is individual and team help from multi-azimuth and connect them together, make everybody can seize the work priorities, and help enterprises to create a more productive working environment, while ensuring the safe and reliable.

zheng hong also revealed that in the past three years, office 365 performance to achieve the last 3 digit growth.from microsoft earnings this year as you can see, microsoft's cloud business is growing rapidly, and china's growth is more outstanding, the chinese market with great will provide more and better for the chinese market ground of office 365 products.

wechat access to office 365 tiny assistant, microsoft(asia), vice president of the academy of internet ye chenghua said, now everyone in work and life many wechat inside, however, users of the data protection and use of common of the data is too simple.take office 365 micro letter, therefore, easy to familiar with the use of the environment and powerful work scene together to office 365, is a special service of microsoft special for chinese users.

in addition, one of china's first five fund managers when rich fund, through the introduction of microsoft enterprise development method and the management platform, has realized the transformation of research and development of the it system, in the it organization structure and management process to achieve the bigger improvement, the establishment of a large development team management ability, research and development ability of large complex system, and the transition system.

when rich fund information technology auto macro, general manager of the original, said:"when rich fund used to lead in the domestic fund companies to realize the independent development ability, especially on the it construction of research and development team foundation server has become the core of our research and development management, on the one hand, traditional continue to promote the healthy and rapid development of the core business, as well as efficient agile transition into the new technology, promote the financial innovation of science and technology.have no effect on the business in the process of transformation, realize the upgrade 'air in the engine type.research and development of advanced and efficient management system, has become the cornerstone of fund it planning framework when and it research and development of core competitiveness."

it is reported that the world has more than 600 users, including more than 100000 active developers from china, in the use of microsoft research and development enterprise development operations of cloud to provide chinese developers with more experience with high speed, smooth, microsoft set up a research and development of microsoft's cloud service center in hong kong, is expected to be put into use before the end of 2017.

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