microsoft announced plans to headquarters transformation: let employees work more happily

some time ago, microsoft revealed will make"tree house office"for employees, and now, according to foreign media reports neowin, microsoft announced a further plan to thoroughly change the look and feel of redmond headquarters.

according to the plan, the headquarters of microsoft will put them into a place full of open space and natural light, there will be a wuche district, available for employees to walk safely, in addition to the change of the external, microsoft will also be in the center of the interior to deploy a large number of social, the atrium area, collaborative workspaces and through flexible design office, the headquarters of microsoft will also provide an available for employees to participate in special activities in the square.

overall, microsoft will add 18 new buildings to their headquarters, update the existing working space at the same time, the move will be to increase our office area of 250 square feet(232257.6 square meters).

the headquarters of microsoft project will be launched in 2018, will be starting in 2018, 5 to 7 years to complete.

microsoft headquarters in redmond effect show video:

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