this year, microsoft is how to help the world a better place

every great company, through technology to force all at the same time, also can give a world with humanistic care, this is a big enterprise's social 2017, is a tough year for human, but microsoft has been helping the world a better place.this article, we review to simple, in the past 2017 years, microsoft is how to do.

against american immigration travel ban

when the new president of the united states issued executive orders, banned seven muslim-majority countries the united states, the world an's lawsuit against the ban, with washington and submitted a briefing, said the command is illegal, the reason is that they have business connections with relevant countries, as well as employees affected., microsoft's chief executive satya, defended the company's position and said that he represents"liberal immigration policies".della said, microsoft support diversity and inclusion, microsoft will also provide the necessary legal support for their employees.

to help the people affected by natural disasters

a hurricane is a hot topic in 2017, hurricane harvey, maria and irma to damage very serious disaster area.just a few days after the hurricane, microsoft provides the disaster area donation, to support the disaster areas to return to initially offered us$100000 grant to the american red cross, to provide help for harvey hurricane relief efforts, then by another$2.5 million in cash support, technical support and other also promised irma hurricane disaster$1 million in aid, and after the hurricane provide skype phone service free to puerto rico, microsoft even sent technical staff, to help the disaster areas to restore basic network.

investing money in order to solve the world's biggest environmental problems

in december 2017, microsoft announced a$50 million investment, used in an artificial intelligence program, which aims to use artificial intelligence to help the earth to solve environmental problems.the company will be willing to in solving environmental problems as group provides grants, enables the azure and artificial intelligence technology to force these will also bring a multidisciplinary team, to help these organizations find the right market strategy.

via windows control technology of 10 eyes and seeing the ai applications care for people with disabilities

in the use of a number of products for the disabled will often get into trouble, in 2017, microsoft has been working on to help the disabled.the company through the tobii eye tracker is increased support for eye tracking in the windows 10.this technology allows people with serious action to control computer by eye has released the seeing ai applications, through narrating the world around them to help blind people.

microsoft disappointed at the united states withdrew from the paris agreement on climate change

microsoft had earlier promised to take action in response to climate change, and use of renewable energy as much as possible to reduce emissions.unfortunately, the president of the united states announced trump, the united states will exit the paris agreement on climate change, this makes microsoft's brad smith explained:"we all live in a small planet, every country needs to cooperate with others to protect it.

on behalf of the consumer and the u.s.government"combat"

the government hopes to be able to learn the contents of the e-mail consumers.but microsoft says, the federal or state law enforcement agencies can't use a warrant to seize in the center of the data outside of the united states foreign citizen's has won an appeal and are waiting for the united states supreme court hearing the case.

we are convinced that in 2017, microsoft make the world a better place.see microsoft to stand up, stand in the right place, to help those who need help, it's's motto is"empower people", we are sure that microsoft to practice their motto in 2017.let us with a good expectation, cheers for the upcoming 2018.

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