very annoying: google or remove chrome backspace shortcut

, have you ever encountered in the use of google chrome browser to fill in a form, but accidentally press the backspace key, surely this will make you feel annoyed, because in chrome, backspace key represents a return to the previous page, this will cause all your current form information may not happen in future, however, because google is testing the latest version of chrome, press the backspace key will be cancelled a shortcut to the return on a web page.

google chrome in code reviews page explains that only 0.04% of the page is accessed through press the backspace key, and 0.005% of web page is on a visit to form when press the backspace key access, google said because users have complained about this shortcut for many years, it's about time for me to cancel the function, and want to return to the previous page and other key combination can be used.

of course, there are user opposed to cancel the function, because this function is very convenient, and they have never been touched by google has yet to decide whether a certain cancel this function, do you think should be cancelled?

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