swordfish browser computer version v: new skin a lot of improvement

provide version:version windows pc, iphone, android, win10, windows phone.

swordfish browser's official website:http://qiyu.ruanmei.com/

swordfish browser 1.15 release!

although soft coal development team are already busy.50 x kernel upgrade, but before this, or did a lot of improvements to the existing version----

in the first place, with a black skin(and black);secondly, a new setup, no longer the pop-up download prompt box, each time can be set up in accordance with the default download directly;third, especially improve the bookmarks tile horizontal menu display mode, solve the problem of incomplete display and double screen optimization;fourth, the built-in flash version upgrade to, synchronous chrome upgrade to the latest version;finally, several stability bug fixes.development of


50.x kernel version goes well next week will open beta testing, foreign official launch in early june, the sailfish properties, such as start will do the second optimization.

a browser, swordfish, update content

swordfish browser version 1.15(may 27, 2016)

add:set-no longer pop-up download prompt box, can be directly downloaded

improvement:bookmarks-when the bookmark is usually covered with the entire screen display
improvement:menu-right-click menu shows long questions:
improvement function-the built-in flash upgrade

fixed:function-login may cause a collapse problems
fixed:gestures-five hundred d site drag-and-drop controls identified as gestures to issue
corrections:-burger menu under the multi-screen display will be a problem of a blank

2, swordfish browser profile:

swordfish browser uses the blink kernel(that is, people used to say chrome kernel), the future will also introduce the edge/ie dual-core"swordfish browser portable version"(based on flash browser transformation).

1, speed the latest kernel:using chrome 46 kernel version(version is 46.0.2490.80), ultra high speed access to the internet;because the cause of the kernel, so user data and chrome fully compatible, including chrome plug-ins also can install and use;

2, green completely portable:suggest installation or into non system disk partitions(i.e., try not to install to disk c), user data data folder and procedures within a folder, reinstall windows system does not lose any data, without reloading the browser;of course, in the u disk or mobile hard disk inside the inside can also;

3, chameleon skin interface:the default win10 fan, contracted and not simple!have more than characteristic topic skin more, all support high screen high dpi;

4, super data synchronization, favorites, skin, password form...

5, more than strong application:plugin, and a selection of recommended, to advertising, science and internet, screenshots...

3, swordfish browser interface screenshots

bring brand-new start page, a new default skin

bring more skin to join the tender support high screen high dpi

bring about super close using the wizard, a key import commonly used browser bookmarks, extensions, passwords form

bring about super close using the wizard, completely custom interface button and common feature

bring swordfish browser mouse gestures

bring swordfish browser full of beautiful things in the selected plug-in

4, download swordfish browser

swordfish browser's official website:http://qiyu.ruanmei.com/

1, the computer version download:

official version 1.15 installed 32-bit version download the portable version(45 mb), green(58 mb)

official version 1.15 64-bit installation version download the portable version(52 mb), green(69 mb)

perfect support 64-bit and 32-bit win10, doing mainstream, windows 7 and xp system.

note 1:portable use zip format compression, decompression can be used, all data files together, suggest installation outside to disk c

note 2:the novice recommended installation version, version can also be convenient to specify installation location

2, app download

click above or click here to download(automatic identification equipment).

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