the office after era: microsoft gigjam pushed synergy office software

on july 14, according to foreign media reports, office is not enough, microsoft wpc2015 global partner conference on monday unveiled a new collaborative gigjam office services.

this is yet to be perfect service to help enterprises cooperation team achieve across different equipment, application of collaborative office., microsoft's chief executive, satya,(satya nadella) has stressed the company a number of"high priority priority", one of which is"redefining productivity".gigjam company is introduced for this product.

gigjam looks like a screen sharing applications, but it needs to integrate many basic application and the database, to ensure that the appropriate user can obtain appropriate data at the right time.

, for example, if the sales team in the product orders, manager of many orders can be assigned to different people, and everyone can see related to your order.

microsoft official blog is introduced to this product are as follows:"in order to finish the work, people really need is a natural way, to distribute information and activity, to independent tracking each link, to separate link together to collaborate with others."

this service will be released in the coming months preview.

gigjam is that role can be more easily assigned tasks, allowing employees to complete the task faster and better.another example is that retail industry will encounter the problem of tight supply from time to time, then they can stop the order, will be assigned to different sales staff, let them documentary investigation which orders which are most important, then the results together.

in addition, the service link to support at least part of microsoft's voice assistant software cortana.

all of this is associated with a trend in the field of science and technology and practical transformation:extremely simple consumer applications appeared on the phone, take a taxi, photo sharing, booking hotel and other activities need only touch screen can be completed under a few, this force was in the field of enterprise application's prestigious microsoft make significant changes.those who rely on simple mobile application in our daily life, hope in the work also can appear similar technology.this is why late in the field of mobile microsoft will bear huge kind of product in the era of desktop computing once; but are now facing a big test, is that people are becoming more and more frequent use of smart phones, as a main equipment in the work.

the functions and characteristics of office has swelled to the point of some extent, this kind of dimension of software itself is a problem.most people use only a small part of the word or excel in various functions, and when they really want to use new functions to solve problems, and want to go to the menu to search for a long time.

so, microsoft introduced gigjam, actual it is the default the company must provide an easily, to the enterprise collaboration mode based on mobile devices.

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