office gains the u.s. air force and the department of defense orders

office 365 cloud services has become a powerful extension of traditional microsoft office suite.schools are using these tools, such as onedrive and onenote convenient student and teacher exchanges.enterprise users using cloud synchronization function, to promote better cooperation, guarantee information office 365 will be made by personal domain into government departments.

in the united states, the latest progress is office 365, won the u.s.air force and the department of defense logistics agency more than 100000 orders, respectively by microsoft, dell, and the united states to deploy.

according to microsoft, a senior director leigh madden, this will be the largest in the department of defense in the history of commercial contract of cloud, for the air force and the department of defense, microsoft will bring benefit to both.the cooperation will bring to the government for the next fiscal year, the air force is safe to use email, calendar and office applications, the clouds skype for business and other collaboration tools.

use office 365 and, more importantly, can save a lot of spending for the u.s.air force and the pentagon, customized functions meet the security level and the department of defense.(via:winbeta)

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