universal framework for media player download ffmpeg release: a new component is more stable

it's home-universal framework for media player ffmpeg introduced a new stable version 3.1, this version is entitled"laplace", instead of the first version 3.0"einstein".instead of add a new function, new software bug fixes and stability.

3.1 for each component has brought the"update", mainly includes the following contents:

libavutil 55.27.100

libavcodec 57.48.101

libavformat 57.40.101

libavdevice 57.0.101

libavfilter 6.46.102

libavresample 3.0.0

libswscale 4.1.100

libswresample 2.1.100

libpostproc 54.0.100

ffmpeg is used in a variety of media player software, cross-platform, open source multimedia framework, about once every three months for the key update, improve the stability of the software, primarily to each big system integration and distributor.

ffmpeg official download 3.1:

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