steam games frames optimization software cpucores update: improve chinese support

a game on the pc running smooth in addition to the hardware configuration, software optimization with the developers also to have a game developed by foreign developers optimization software cpucores quietly in the domestic fire up, said the software from the introduction of can significantly improve the frame number, and the player's feedback also proves this point.

the game yesterday frames optimization software updated, may be see the needs of chinese players, so its focus on optimizing the support chinese, are no longer before slag machine, judging by the comments section gamers also welcomed the developers to make improvements.

bring about, although a bit not smooth, but still good

product description according to the developers, the function of the software are:

1) direct steam integration

all cpucores will automatically detect your steam games.

2) the optimization of the operating system

in the first place, it will separate your entire operating system to your first kernel.

then it detects and limit some windows running of the service, and they, as is known to all, is a very of cpu resources.

next, cpucores will detect and isolate some windows key process, to ensure that save cpu space and protect the cpu from the balance between the lack of critical processes.

3) optimization of game

cpucores will separate kernel space is provided for your game that used parts.

cpucores allows game dedicated hyper-threading based on/off.

4)/background for the optimization of the game

cpucores detects that your computer is running is neither of the operating system process, nor the operation of the will be those who is not a game program in the highest priority queue.

5) other

fully support vr games!

support the steam game

convenient game selection option allows you to easily manage your oversized steam library.

the extent to which software can improve computer fps mainly depends on two things:one is the computer hardware, the second is the game itself.if the effect is of certain worry, just look at the comments section players given its configuration and the effect of the share.

some of the games effect, for example:

"armed assault 3"-a 17.5% increase in fps

"team fortress 2"-a 58% increase in fps

lara croft:tomb raider-a 6.3% increase in fps

"the road to survival 2"-a 14% increase in fps

at present the software in the steam store sells for 99 yuan, users interested in to buy.

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